Facility Benefits

  • Office Facilities

    Office Facilities

    24/7 available offices, including all general expenses up to a maximum of 18 months
  • Acceleration Programs

    Acceleration Programs

    Acceleration programs designed in different contexts
  • Trainings and Events

    Trainings and Events

    Training and activities in thematic areas according to needs and demands
  • Teknopark Tax and Advantages

    Teknopark Tax and Advantages

    Benefit from various supports and exemptions within the scope of Law No. 4691
  • Laboratory and Clean Room Infrastructure

    Laboratory and Clean Room Infrastructure

    Wet-dry laboratory infrastructure and use of clean rooms in GMP conditions
  • Cyber Security Laboratory

    Cyber Security Laboratory

    Built-in lab support for cyber security startups
  • Assembly Workshop

    Assembly Workshop

    Transform ideas into designs and designs into physical products with physical and digital assembly tools
  • Dark Room

    Dark Room

    Sensitive room for quantum studies
  • Server Room

    Server Room

    Infrastructure support for cyber security startups
  • Mentorship


    Regular mentoring from the leading names of our ecosystem and Teknopark Istanbul's senior executives
  • Strategic Solution Partnership

    Strategic Solution Partnership

    Opportunity to work one-on-one with Defense Industry companies and establish cooperation
  • Complimentary Consulting

    Complimentary Consulting

    Consulting services in areas such as law, finance and incorporation
  • Technology Transfer Office Consultancy

    Technology Transfer Office Consultancy

    Receive support on issues such as university-industry cooperation, intellectual and industrial property rights and project writing
  • Tekno Support

    Tekno Support

    Financial support for those who pass the patent preliminary search
  • Enterprise Analysis and Technical Analysis

    Enterprise Analysis and Technical Analysis

    Opportunity to measure and report the status and technical side of the startup
  • Entrepreneurship Library

    Entrepreneurship Library

    Access to temporary and indefinite resources on entrepreneurship and other fields
  • Corporate Company Collaborations

    Corporate Company Collaborations

    Meeting with corporate and global companies and establishing collaborations
  • Access to Investors

    Access to Investors

    Getting recognition and meeting with investors

  • Performance Tracking Meetings

    Performance Tracking Meetings

    Ability to follow the status of the startup monthly
  • Showroom


    Opportunity to showcase products and services digitally or physically