Teknopark is the name given to the regions consisting of buildings with scientific or industrial research for commercial purposes. Teknoparks are encouraged by the state or local administrations because they accelerate technological development, contribute to the development of value-added products that will increase exports, create employment, entrepreneurship and innovation-oriented activities.

Those who want to take part in order to benefit from incubation services and supports can apply by filling out the application form here. After the information and documents requested in the application are reviewed, if the project information is missing or not at sufficient level of detail or has missing document (s), etc., the applicant is contacted to make up for the deficiencies and make related corrections.
After completing the form in the application system, no documents are required until the acceptance stage.

You can apply to Cube Incubation at any time, come for an interview and get detailed information. You can click to contact us. The Incubation Evaluation Commission meets 4 times a year, in March, June, September and December, and selects the entrepreneurs.

You can have a maximum of 4 people in the Incubation Center. You may have outside advisors or part-time support staff in your project organization.

Pre-evaluation interviews are held every month to evaluate the applications that are made through the application system. After the phone call is made with the applicants, they are invited for a preliminary interview according to the project's suitability. After the pre-evaluation, the calendar is sent to applicants and they are invited to the Incubation Evaluation Board for the preliminary interview and the presentation template is shared with the applicant. After the applicants make their presentations, the evaluation is made and the results are sent to the applicant via e-mail.

The idea has to correlate with the thematic areas of Teknopark Istanbul, which are the technical aspect of the project, the technological dimension and the R&D quality, the market need, commercializability, the competence of the project team and the financial dimension of the project.

Performance Evaluation Meetings for current projects are held on a monthly basis at the Incubation Center. Accordingly, if the management finds it suitable, your incubation period will continue or be extended. The average stay period is 12-18 months.

 If your evaluation was unsuccessful, the applicant can revise their project ideas or reapply with a different idea in the next application evaluation period.

Entrepreneur / group benefiting from the pre-incubation program is allocated free space for a 6-month period. In the incubation program, the entrepreneur / group pays a technical and administrative service fee of 165 TL / month including VAT per person (regardless of the common area / office or closed area). The fees for the post incubation program vary based on the necessities.

As Technopark Istanbul A.Ş., we do not claim any rights to your intellectual property. Within the scope of Teknodestek, both the necessary guidance on intellectual property rights issues and a part of the financial costs are covered by Teknopark Istanbul.

Your participation in our trainings, activities and mentoring programs is one of our criteria for both the length of stay in the incubation (protocol renewal) and graduation from the incubation.

Your continuity in the incubation is part of the protocol renewal and graduation evaluation criteria; there is a 60% attendance requirement. It is obligatory to attend 100% of the monthly performance follow-up meetings. If you do not give your excuse to Cube Incubation management, your incubation protocol will be cancelled.

You can benefit from the exemptions within the scope of the law numbered 4691 for the activities within the framework of your project that has been accepted.

No, it is not expected. You can also apply to Cube Incubation with your initiatives at the idea stage.

You can apply with one project, but you can run more than one R&D project during the incubation program.

Our online trainings are currently working on for the related topics.

By showing Cube Incubation as the official company address, you can benefit from the exemptions under the law numbered 4691 for the activities within the framework of your project.

By clicking "Facility Benefits" you can find detailed information.

The Incubation Evaluation Commission consists of Teknopark Istanbul Management and our valuable guests are competent in their thematic areas.