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Regeneration-20, Turkey's most comprehensive support and acceleration program for entrepreneurs, is designed to recover the lost time by due to the pandemic in 2020 with uniqe supports!

The "Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Renewal Project: Regeneration-20" has started which is run by Teknopark Istanbul’s subsidiary company Cube Incubation and supported by the Istanbul Development Agency.

With the Regeneration-20 program, the entrepreneurs with innovative ideas focusing on reducing the negative effects of the COVID-19 will be supported and thus the society will be strengthened with the contributions of the startup ecosystem.

Entrepreneurs will be able to receive support from 2 different modules in Regeneration-20 program. Digital Acceleration Module will be provided to initiatives at stages of prototype development, prototype production and productization; Consultancy Support Module will be provided to entrepreneurs at the stage of commercialization.

A total of 40 startups will benefit from the supports.

Entrepreneurs will be supported to implement social projects that calls for social relief and  to bring a new vision to the solution of problems like improving home life, maintainig efficiency and ease in remote work and  access / logistics problems by the "Regeneration-20" program, which includes the restructring of the startup ecosystem that stands out with critical projects in our country's fight against COVID-19; 

The last stage of the Project presents a Video Portal Module that will appeal to a larger audience along with 100 questions that the entrepreneurs are most curious about will be answered by the experts with short videos.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Renewal Project: The application process for Regeneration-20 has been completed.

Digital Acceleration Module

  • 50 hours of Financial Consultant Service
  • Corporate Identity and Digital Design Service
  • 150 hours of Mentorship
  • Strategic Brand Communication and Digital Marketing Consultancy Services
  • 100 hours of UX/UI Design Consulting Services
  • Business Development and Marketing Support
  • 360 hours of Technical Analysis, Software Consultancy and Testing Support
  • 150 hours of Human Resource Consultant Service
  • Prototyping /Production Consultant Service
  • 30 hours of Legal Consultant Service
  • Prototyping Support
  • 30 hours of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Consultant Service
  • Comprehensive Strategic Analysis and Planning Support
  • 6 months of Business Development Practices
  • Social Media Promotion Support
  • 2 years of Cloud Data Collection Service

Consultancy Support Module

  • 100 hours of Psychological Consultantation
  • 100 hours of Sales and Marketing Consultation
  • 100 hours of Financial Consultation