Success Stories

D1- Tech has the ability to develop solutions to many leading technology companies with its innovative approach. By following latest technology news, it aims to adapts to current and unseen technological developments. It follows the principle of being one step ahead.

Our company develops local and national software in two main area: Software Development and Test Engineering. In Test Engineering, it is essential for the developed application to deliver on time and smoothly, its security and reducing its costs. In Software Testing, we are especially aware of the increased importance for software in the defense industry and telecommunications due to their strategic situation. In accordance to this awareness, the product we designed and implemented with precision, we position the product to be tested in defense and telecommunication industry. Through our growing team, technological solutions and improved business performance, we respond to the software and management needs of our national and global customers with domestic and national solutions in banking, industrial industry, R&D and retail sectors, especially in telecommunications.

Cube Incubation’s location near Sabiha Gökçen Airport and its infrastructure facilities give a great advantage for companies. By taking part in the ecosystem offered by Cube Incubation, a small company can easily access to big scale companies and greatly benefit from developing itself as a company.

As Alpera Defense, we were founded in May 2017, we operate in the design and production of Unmanned Ground Vehicle, capable in its electronic and mechanical system design, body and chassis design and production, imaging systems, weapon systems integration, command control systems and design development. Our company has 4 employees and receives outsource service.

We carry out our engineering services in Teknopark Istanbul and we are developing our vehicle in a workshop in Şekerpınar. For our vision, our goal is to become a leading unmanned ground vehicles in the next 5 (five) years. We are working on three vehicle types (with codes) R4 / R6 and RT, which have the same infrastructure that can serve in different conditions by adding upgrades to increase modular structure, silent operation capability and long-term survival ability. ALKAR R-Series vehicles are sized to provide transfer by means of transportation vehicles. Along with MiniBOT - M2 Throwbot project, it is aimed to carry out research and development, design and prototype production of an unmanned mini robot that can be used in cases where security is at the highest level, and image acquisition, face recognition, surveillance and support systems are developed as platforms that can be integrated.

At the very beginning of our entrepreneurship adventure, we benefited from very valuable entrepreneurship trainings organized by Cube Incubation, we both saw our shortcomings and developed it and we had the opportunity to meet other companies in the ecosystem. We are one of the companies in Teknopark Istanbul where land, sea and air technologies related to the defense industry are developed. From the beginning, it had been important to use office spaces and get insight from the experts from our area of expertise because of our past inability to establish a financial structure for our company. Therefore, we greatly benefited from it. Trainings held in Cube Incubation Activity Area, we realized what we were missing in different areas of entrepreneurship. We graduated from Cube Incubation and we still keep in touch and collaborate with R&D companies like us.